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Typical Rigging Setups/fittings/interiors/exteriors/trailers photos etc 14.11.2013

Sometimes you get a boat and it has been "modified" or needs to be repaired. These photos can give you a guide in getting your boat set up.

Click on the pictures for more detail.

Timpenny 770 Interior photo
 Typical Hound set up on mast.
Typical self tacking arrangement on cabin top and traveller arrangement on cabin.
Class Rules Mast & Boom set up dimensions.
Class Rules mast section.
 Timpenny 770 Interior. Timpenny 670 Swing Keel Interior - note two holes in keel housing (one for raising lowering, the other for keel lock down)
Drop Keel Arrangement 1
670 Drop keel arrangement 2
670 Drop keel arrangement 3 & pulley
670 Anchor hatch
670 Anchor well detail
 Loose foot arrangement for mainsail. 670 Drop keel arrangement 1 - note winch handle
 670 Drop keel arrangement 2
 670 Drop keel arrangement 3 - note pulley system and blue gasket to seal keel. Note locking pin.
 670 forward hatch & anchor well
670 anchor well detail
670 fol
670 swing keel internals with folding anti turbulence flap
670 swing keel flap
670 with pop top and cockpit traveller
770 with pop top cabin setup
670 toe straps set up
 670 fold away table arrangement
670 swing keel  internal arrangement with fold down anti turbulence flap. The same effect can be achieved with a rubber flap.
 670 swing keel close up of anti turbulence flap.
 670 with pop top cabin and cockpit traveller set up
 770 with pop top cabin set up
 670 toe straps set up
670 forestay arrangement 1
670 forestay arrangement 2
670 self tack jib
670 self tacking jib set up 2
670 pop top hatch
 670 forestay arrangement version 1
 670 forestay arrangement 2 - note block to tighten jib. Another alternative is to have a muscle block on the mast.
 Self tacking jib and mast step arrangement 1
 Self tacking jib set up 2
 One type of 670 outhaul arrangement.
Another version is to keep the boom section intact and to have a sliding sled in the section to attach to the clew of the mainsail (see example below).
 670 drop keel with sliding pop top hatch
670 outhaul
670 s
670 anti turbulence flap
670 angled drop interior & pop top
670 angled drop interior
 Alternate 670 outhaul arrangement.
 670 swing keel with lockdown arrangement
 670 swing keel lock down arrangement.
 670 swing keel with anti turbulence flap (rubber sheeting)
 670 angled drop keel interior with pop top sliding hatch
 670 angled drop keel interior
670 angled drop interior
670 angle
670 interior with tent
english interior
english interior 2
 670 angled drop interior
 670 angled keel pop top with canvas tent
 670 angled keel with tent
 A gorgeous interior of an English 670.
 Close of stove set up on English Timpenny 670. Fancy a cup of tea?

Please also refer to downloadable pdf files below for additional details.

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