Raymond island ferry

Raymond island ferry by night

Some competitors stay on their boats during the race in the true trailerable spirit!

Competitors assemble for pre-race briefing

Rafting up at fishermans wharf Paynesville.

1!st timers Halcyon

1st timers Allegro

More 1st timers

Aussie Action in the thick of it.

A winning combo?

Ominous clouds gave the course some shifty conditions.

Norfolk Sharpie

Dont let the "ye olden days" look of these boats fool you. With a CBH of 0.705 they're quite quick!

770 - go you good thing!

Just shooting the breeze between races.

Flying Circus

Gee that polish works really well. My boats literally glowing!

770 looking nice


670's tucked up nice & cosy at Mariners Cove

Allegro - 670 Australian & Victorian Champions

Saturday night. Competitors break for a pizza night with some entertainment supplied by GLYC.

Sunday brang some very strong wind. At the end of day the last race was abandonded due winds constantly being over 25 knots (gusts were higher). Some of those that didn't reef paid a high price. Several boats were dismasted and suffered damage.

770 parked safely!

Kalimna - 770 Australian Champions

Special Thanks to Carey & Jennifer from Halcyon who allowed us to add another 40 photos to the titles action.

Its always good to get the race from another perspective.


Behind you!

Bea Jay - Ok!

Fancy a glass of wine....

Go you good thing.....

Thats it!

770 Kalimna

770 Kalimna

Take em!

770 Sparkling Burgundy - nice spinnaker set

Flying Circus

Come on - get up!


You can't catch me!

Sedikat pulls away.