2018 Victorian Timpenny Championship Notice of Race and Entry Form







10th & 11th February 2018

Organising Authority






The Regatta will be governed by the following rules:
The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020.
Class Rules of the Timpenny Trailable Yacht Association of Australia Inc.
applicable to the Timpenny Class yachts competing namely:

“Timpenny Association of Australia 670 Class Rules”
”Timpenny Association of Australia 770 Drop Class Rules”
“Timpenny Association of Australia 770 Swing Class Rules”


Boats that display advertising shall comply with Category C in accordance with RRS Appendix 1, 20.3.1


The regatta is open to members of the Timpenny Trailable Yacht Association of Australia sailing Timpenny 670 and 770 Class Yachts that comply with their respective Class Rules listed above.

Membership may be purchased on at registration.

Boats that have been modified in build or rigging will not be eligible to be scored as part of the regatta, but are welcome to compete in the club race on Sunday 11 Feb that forms part of the series.

Entry Fee: $70 for the regatta or $15 per race for paid up members of the Timpenny Association, payable upon registration.  Assoc. Membership may be purchased for an additional fee of $30.00

Entry Form: Attached, and available on the Timpenny Trailable Yacht Association of Australia website www.timpenny.com.au.

Email entry form to webmaster@timpenny.com.au or present at registration time.


4.1 Registration

Date Time

Saturday  10 Feb  10am to 11:30am

4.2 Schedule

Date                             Event                                       Time (Warning Signal)

Saturday 10 Feb           Registration                              11:00 – 12:00am

            Welcome & Briefing                   12.30am

            Session 1 no earlier than –         1:30pm

Sunday 11 Feb              Briefing                                     9:00am

            Session 2 no earlier than –         10am

            Session 3 no earlier than –         2pm

Presentation ASAP After Racing on Sunday 11 Feb. Circa 4:00pm

Each session will consist of one or more races at the discretion of the Race Officer.


Entrants must comply with the current edition of their respective Timpenny Trailable Yacht Association of Australia Class Rules for 670’s or 770’s (swing & drop keel) listed in Section 1 above. Boats may be checked for compliance prior to and/or during the regatta.


The Regatta Sailing Instructions will be published on the Timpenny Association website and available at registration, upstairs in the Portarlington SC clubhouse.


Portarlington Sailing Club, Pt Richards Road, PORTARLINGTON, VIC (Refer Figure 1).

Access via the boat ramp car park at the end of Pt Richards Rd.

Racing will be conducted in Corio Bay, offshore of Portarlington SC clubhouse.

8. COURSES                                                                                             

The course to be sailed will be a triangular or windward / leeward configuration as described in the Sailing Instructions with a target time of approximately 45 minutes per race.


The Low Points Scoring System will be used for sorting the results.

The regatta will consist of multiple races, of which three races must be completed to constitute a series score. If more than three races are conducted, then a boat’s least performing race will be deleted from her series score.

Scores will be determined on the basis of the CBH of each Class as currently published by Yachting Australia (the Standard CBH), with the following exception:

NOTE: ‘No Spinnaker’ 670 and ‘No Spinnaker 770’ Sub-Classes are declared for this Regatta.
Entrants wishing to compete in either of these sub-classes shall declare this intention on their entry form.

Entrants that declare their intention to compete without spinnaker will be scored on the modified CBHs established by the Timpenny Trailable Yacht Association of Australia for club racing the Timpenny Class boats with ‘No Spinnaker’, as follows:

No Spinnaker 670 (Drop & Swing Keel) 0.672

No Spinnaker 770 Swing Keel

No Spinnaker 770 Drop Keel                  0.691

Such entrants will be expected to race without using a spinnaker of any kind for the duration of the regatta. If a spinnaker is deployed at any time after entering as a ‘No Spinnaker’ boat, the boat’s score for all races entered will be recalculated on the basis of the standard CBH for their Class.

10. Personal Flotation

All competitors shall wear certified PFD1 personal flotation devices complying with the specifications issued or approved by a national authority affiliated to the International Sailing Federation, or a standards organisation, or certification authority, recognised for the purpose by its respective government.


Portarlington SC uses VHF Channel 72 for race communications. Boats not racing may use this frequency to sign on, request information and/or notify emergencies.

Except in an emergency, a boat, whilst racing, shall not transmit Electronic Communications. This includes mobile phones.

“whilst racing” shall mean “the boat is racing as defined by the Racing Rules of Sailing.”


Personal Prizes will be awarded for: 1st, 2nd & 3rd placings in the 670 Class, 770 Class and respective ‘No Spinnaker’ Sub-Classes.

Perpetual Prizes will be awarded as follows:

The ‘Timpenny Cup’ will be awarded to the overall 1st placed boat on the basis of CBH.

The ‘670 Victoria Shield’ will be awarded to the highest placed 670 Class boat.

The 670 Australia Shield may be awarded to the highest placed 670 Class boat if, in the determination of the Association Management Committee, a sufficient number of Interstate boats have competed.

The ‘770 Shield’ will be awarded to the highest placed 770 Class boat.

The ‘Travellers Trophy’ will be awarded to the boat that has, in the determination of the Association Management Committee, travelled the farthest to compete. Should boats be determined to have travelled a similar distance, the trophy will be awarded to the highest placed traveller.

The perpetual shields and trophies will be entrusted to the respective winners, for engraving and custody for twelve months. The Timpenny Trailable Yacht Association of Australia Inc will reimburse the winners the cost of engraving, and for the cost of returning the trophies for competition if the respective winner is unable to defend their title the following year.

Other prizes may be awarded by the Association Management Committee to promote the enjoyment of Timpenny Class sailing.


It is the Competitor’s decision to enter the Regatta or to start in any race. Competitors shall accept that their participation in the Regatta is at their sole exclusive risk in every respect.

By way of entry to the Regatta competitors shall indemnify Portarlington Sailing Club, their officers, members, servants and agents in respect of all claims and demands of whatever nature which may be made upon them in connection with or who so ever arising from their participation or intended participation in the Regatta.

The competitor’s attention is drawn to ISAF Fundamental Rule 4.


Each participating boat shall hold an insurance policy that is current and valid for the period of the regatta and includes third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of $ 10,000,000 AUD.


By participating in the event the participant automatically authorizes the Organising Authority and all sponsors of the event the right to make use of and show from time to time names, images, sound recording and any other reproductions taken during the event and any other material related to the event without compensation.


The following house rules shall apply at the Portarlington Sailing Club:

  • No Fires nor Glass of any kind are permitted on the foreshore (No exceptions).
  • No camping or sleeping aboard boats is permitted in or around the Portarlington clubhouse by order of the Bellarine Shire Council.
    (See accommodation section below for the alternatives at this venue)
  • All children remaining ashore must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Portarlington SC and the Pt Richards boat ramp car park are designated by the Bellarine Shire Council as Dog Friendly areas, but the surrounding areas including the Caravan Park are No Dogs areas. Pets therefore are permitted within the club compound, immediate foreshore beach and carpark but must be kept on leash at all times. No pets must be allowed to stray into adjacent areas at any time. For more Information refer to www.bellarinebayside.com.au/images/projects/BOOKLET_Dogs_on_beaches.pdf

NOTE: The clubroom is located on the 1st floor of the club building, accessed by a fairly steep set of stairs. Toilets are on ground level. (Refer Photo in Figure 1 attached).


The club Canteen will be selling rolls and refreshments for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. 

A BBQ dinner will be organized by the Association on the Saturday evening for a fee of $15 per person, payable in advance.

Alcohol is strictly BYO. Fridge space can be made available if required.
Soft drinks and confectionary are available for sale from the club canteen.

The Annual General Meeting of the Timpenny Trailable Yacht Association of Australia Inc will be held after dinner on Saturday evening 10 Feb 2018 in the Portarlington SC club room.


At the time of publication of this NOR there are no on-water layup facilities available at or near the venue.

Unless the proposed new marina is available as an alternative (See “Watch this Space’ note below), boats will need to be retrieved and parked (mast up) in the club yard.

There are two launching ramps available: the public ramp to the South and the Caravan Park Ramp to the North. Launching and retrieval are readily achieved at both ramps. They each have jetties that afford the opportunity of boat prep prior to casting off, but note the following attributes:

-       The North ramp (Caravan Park) is closest to the race area, but becomes difficult in winds of any strength from W to N by NE.
At low tide boats are advised to lower their keels only as far as is required for steerage initially, and then fully lower and lock down when deep water is reached some 100-200m offshore.
Note: Trailers must be brought back to the club after launching from the North Ramp. The launching ramp parking area is for caravan park patrons and club members only.

-       The South ramp (Public) has a sand bar between it and the race area that takes a lengthy course to skirt, via the ramp-channel entrance mark, but breakwaters shelter it from all but a narrow wind band from the West.

At low tide boats are advised to lower their keels for steerage initially, and then fully lower when deep water is reached, some 100-200m from the breakwater.

Club boats and others may be seen crossing the bar in lieu of rounding the ramp-channel entrance mark. While this course may offer a safe enough short-cut, regatta participants employ this method at their own risk.

Trailers may be parked in the South Ramp car park.

-       NOTE: Both ramps become difficult to launch and retrieve from in Westerly winds of any strength.

Ramp suggestions will be given at the daily briefings.

Watch this space: At the date of publication of this NOR, a Commercial Marina is under construction as part of Parks Victoria’s current Portarlington Safe Harbour Project.
Check the website for information:
or email the project team at
 portarlington@parks.vic.gov.au or call Parks Victoria on 13 1963

The project is scheduled for completion by December 2017. If the construction runs to this schedule the marina may be available for casual bookings during the regatta. Its entrance is approx 1Nm from the race area.


There are three(3) known accommodation opportunities in Portarlington at the time of publication:

  • Bellarine Bayside Holiday Parks Campground:

Cabins and campsites available directly behind the club. Shoulder Season rates apply (Typ: ??$124 Std Cabin; $45 Non Beach front site)  Ph 1800 222 778

  • The Grand Hotel,

76 Newcombe Street, Portarlington VIC 3223 | tel:03 5259 2260


This is the town pub and has stunning views of the Bay and the You Yangs from the front.

  • Portarlington Beach Motel

153-155 Newcombe Street., Portarlington, VIC 3223 \ Toll free 1800 059 639


Very comfortable little Motel but Not exactly on the beach.

Twin or Queen rooms circa $149/night; Family Rm circa $184/night.


The proposed new Portarlington Marina may be a fourth option. Refer Note in Section 18 above.



Timpenny Trailable Yacht Assoc:

David Marshall | davidandbron@westnet.com.au | 0427 330 235

Rob Milner | robmilner@iinet.net.au | 0407 327 542

Portarlington SC:

Commodore: Harrison Mann | mannharrison22@gmail.com | 0423 361 734

Race Officer: Roger Kennett  | roger.kennett@iinet.net.au | 0411 225 224


Figure 1: Map showing Location of Portarlington SC (Refer Attachment Files Notice of Race)

(NOTE: The boat ramp car park and club access road can become very pitted. Careful driving is recommended)

Entry Form see attached File

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