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Timpenny 770

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Timpenny 670

Welcome to the Timpenny Trailable Yacht Association!

Why a Timpenny? With many trailerable yachts to choose from on the market this a question many people ask when buying a trailerable yacht. A Timpenny has the many following desirable attributes. Before making your purchase, ask the manufacturer if the the boat has the following features;

  • Safety:- The Timpenny 670 is self righting with built in buoyancy. The yacht is also fully buoyant so it will still float even when full of water! (see specifications page for videos of these tests).

  • Easy to handle:- the Timpenny was designed with a husband and wife team in mind. Its light for a 22 foot boat (670), easy to steer, quick and doesn't need winches so you don't have to be superman to operate the boat. Launching and retrieveing is easy as well.

  • A small sail plan for a 22 foot boat. The efficient hull design means you don't need a huge rig to get going. The self tacking jib is easy to tack with and the small sails means no battling huge canvas areas on deck enhancing your sailing pleasure. There's only one jib size so you don't have to have an expensive sail wardrobe. The 670 spinnaker is also small and easily handled.

  • A single axle trailer for the 670 means it is easily handled and towed by a Falcon or Commodore.

  • Lightweight mast easily lifted.

  • Easily launched in 10 inches (250mm of water).

You know it makes sense. Still not convinced? Check out all the extra benefits on the specifications page.

If you're after a slightly bigger boat, then maybe the Timpenny 770 which is a metre longer is the boat for you! This is designed with more headroom and seperate toilet for extended crusing for the family while still having some race performance.

History of Our Association

  • The "Timpenny Trailable Yacht Association of Australia Inc" was incorporated on the 21st September 2001

  • The Association was preceded by a number of State Organisations including the Timpenny Association of Victoria and NSW.

Statement of Purpose

  • To promote and encourage the competitive and recreational sailing of Timpenny Class yachts

  • To affiliate with National and State organisations supporting sailing.

  • To represent the Timpenny Class of Yachts to National and State organisations and authorities.

  • To support the establishment and continuance of Timpenny Class fleets at sailing clubs throughout Australia.

  • To adopt and provide ongoing management and review of class restrictions and class rules.

  • To recognise and reward individuals or associations supporting the Association by performance and contribution.

  • To promote and encourage social and all other activities related to the promotion of the Timpenny class and most importantly to have fun!


Promotion of Timpennys at a local festival.

Timpenny 670 racing.

Timpenny 770 racing.

Timp670 Racing
Timp 770 racing