2018 Timpenny Titles

2018 Victorian Timpenny Championship at Portarlington Results

   Place        Sail No.    Boat Name                Type                    Skipper                       From                        

           1            3038        Uome                       670                 Doug Carswell          Bendigo Yacht Club

           2            4085      Sparkling Burgandy   770        Trevor Turnbull     Yarrawonga YC

           3            3034       Bea Jay                     670                David Marshall  Portarlington YC

           4            3201      Somerlead                 670             Malcolm McDonald Portarlington YC

           5           3078       Nartanda                   670                 James Mahoney Bendigo Yacht Club

           6          3031        Juniper                      670                 Alex Shroud          Gippsland Lakes YC

           7         3041    Aussie Action                 670                 Rob Milner   Blairgowrie YC

On completion of the first race on Saturday afternoon the fleet was hit with 40 knot wind from the north west which saw a quick drop of sails.  Next Nartanda's motor broke with a small spring breaking on the emergency button and required a tow which was quite a challenge for the Portarlington patrol crew.  It was successfully tow in extreme conditions and the occolades must be given to this Portarlington crew.

Somerled motor also got washed off the boat as it crossed the entrance sand bar but the motor was saved by the backup rope.  The boat was sweeped on to the sandy shore without damage.

Sunday was not without drama either as both Nartanda and Juniper broke their mainsail pulleys most probably caused by the Saturday storm.

The Regatta was run with great efficiency but it was disappointing the participation.